Cocaine Test Kits – An Overview

A test kit is used to analyze a user’s coke to determine if the drug has been “cut” with other substances. These not only dull the effects of the cocaine, they can be extremely harmful to the user. Some of the substances these kits test for are Lidocaine, Benzocaine, Procaine and Levamisole.While Lidocaine, Benzocaine, and Procaine are all drugs that are in the same family as the coca plant, Levamisole is an extremely harmful substance that should not be ingested by humans.  This is only one cutting agent – these days lethal cuts are accidentally or even purposely being added.

For example, dealer was selling a gram of coke, they might actually only be selling the client ¼ gram of the substance ¾ of the product could be any number of other cutting agents – vitamin b, calcium, or something very harmful.


The typical average purity of UK street dealer coke, is similar to a maximum of 40 percent. This is because the dealer does not understand the content source, or has cut the cocaine with other ingredients bought from the Darknet markets (which can be up to 93 percent) in purity, simply to make a better profit.


  • Levamisole is used to deworm livestock such as pigs, cows, and horses. When used in humans, it can cause the immune system to crash in a process called agranulocytosis. When this happens, your white blood cell count can diminish, which can cause your body to catch infections readily. Other substances can also be used that reduce purity.
  • It’s estimated that 70 percent of the cocaine in the world now could be cut with this harmful additive. Who wants to die? When you can easily test the purity? Other countries are more forwards than the UK with ensuring your safety. For a few quid you can too, although nothing in life is guaranteed at least you can take some precautions. Since drug users cannot simply walk into a hospital lab and have their cocaine tested for this drug, it’s difficult for users to determine if the kind of cocaine they’ve bought has this harmful additive.
  • It’s now getting worse with cases of some dealers cutting their offering with fentanyl. Fentanyl – although sometimes used medicinally, is a killer – many deaths have been reported. Drug-cutting stations are contaminated and the amount to an overdose of this requires simply a minute quantity.

To make sure the safety of drug users, who probably won’t stop using a drug because it could be cut with an even more harmful substance, companies have started creating drug testing kits that allow users to test their own drugs in their own apartments before they use them. Most drug testing kits come with the ability to test one supply of their drug, although multiple packs can be purchased. These kits range anywhere from to a few pounds to more. An example of how these cocaine testing kits work as simple this is below:

Cocaine Purity Test

The cocaine test kits that are used to test for cutting agents and other adulterant are easy and simple to use. The test kits work by adding a little of the substance into the kit to test it – 1o mg.  The suppliers provide you with a detailed guide and information is also available online.  You can measure a small amount of whatever substance you want to test in the first test tube. You will have two vials. This is then added to a bottle of liquid.  All you need to do is click the activator caps on the tube, turn the bottles upside down and shake them a few times. You then check the coloring to see how pure your substance is (provided in the kit). Purity tests can be purchased as a standalone or to be safer consider adding a cutting kit too.

Cutting Agent Kits

Fentanyl, Levamisole, Phenacetin and Ephedrine are some of the most lethal cutting agents commonly used. When a sample of your substance is added to a testing kit – the chemicals inside a vial will react and a color change will take place. This color should be compared to the chart included in the instructions within the package, to give an indication of what could be in the sample. Again, simple to use for anyone

Where to buy a coke test kit?

You can buy them discreetly on the internet and they are sent within days, packing is discreet and in many occasions, the bank details used are non-obvious so your bank record detailing will not show anything of suspicion. Drug users buy these kinds of test kits to know what chemicals they are putting into their body. They generally want to test their drugs for chemicals for two reasons: safety and purity. The safety of their cocaine is most important (as in what’s in it). Knowing what kinds of harmful chemicals and drugs are in even a controlled substance is extremely important information for drug users. It’s not just Levamisole that can find its way into the powder too. Other substances, like common household chemicals, black tar and Ephedrine are all substances that can be cut into cocaine. You can find many more horrific things too.

Ephedrine can cause heart palpitations, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, heart attack and even stroke—especially when mixed with alcohol and drugs. Drug users want their drugs to be pure and to know what they are putting in their bodies. The other reason a drug user would test a sample of a drug is to find out how pure their drug is. When the drug is not cut with a harmful substance, it could be cut with a neutral substance like baking soda. Though baking soda is not necessarily harmful in normal doses, it does dilute the potency of the drug. Drug users want to know if the substances in their cocaine are what is being promised.

The bottom line is that users want to get what they pay for, and since there is no regulation of the illegal drug market, they must try to educate themselves.

Where Do I find one?

Drug users can buy a drug purity kit at a variety of places online. Some organizations also distribute drug kits for free in areas where users are at more of a risk to become victim to harmful chemical substances. Below is a list of the most popular test kits on the market.

cocaine testing kit

There are a number of home coke testing materials that will help you feel at ease. EZTest kit  is one of the most popular test kits to check to see if there is cocaine in a substance. This test will let users know if the powder they purchased is indeed cocaine. Similar to the test kit for Levamisole, EZTest simply asks you to put a small sample of your drug in a test tube, mix the chemicals of the kit together in the tube and wait to see if the color of the liquid changes. A lot of other kits do the same – including a color chart to show you how much of your substance is cocaine and how much is another substance.

Many  testing kits give false positives if a substance has any other substance from the cocaine family in it, including Lidocaine, Procaine and Benzocaine. Usually, the darker the color, the more cocaine is in the sample. When the liquids turn a light or medium brown, it means the sample has been contaminated with other substances and has a high level of contaminants. These kits were banned from the market until recently, but are now once again available.

Other kits include those testing people who have taken cocaine – urine test kits are available in strip form which show an indication of the presence of the substance in the system.

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